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Get to know us, because we really want to get to know you.

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Lead Pastor

Radical, Innovative, Anointed, and Inspiring are some of the words often used to describe Pastor Milton H. Johnson…

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I’m New Here

We’re glad you decided to visit our website. Stay as long as you like. If you need assistance, please use the search bar to find your way around. God speed :)

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Today’s Christianity

Question! Are you following ORGANIZED RELIGION or are you following JESUS? How many are driven by the culture of society, but yet not driven with the heart of Jesus? Would you still serve God if your possessions were striped away, and all that was left to cause you to follow Jesus was your undying love for God?

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A Church without a home

Recently, my wife and I had a chance to witness in Largo, Maryland. It was a lovely experience getting to know those within the Prince George’s County Communities.
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A Sermon Excerpt- My Life is in the Hands of God

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